Escape Rooms Built For Families

Our unique adventure rooms, built with safety in mind, accommodate up to 10 players (ages 8-80). Rooms remain unlocked. In addition, it is only through teamwork and brain-powered puzzle-solving that kids can truly “escape”! Instead of having the pressure of escaping a room, the players instead gain points as they solve different clues. Can’t figure out how a puzzle works? No problem! You don’t need to solve a puzzle to move on to the next one because all the puzzles are already available from the start of the game! Your objective is to gain as many points as possible to see if you can get your name on the high score list!

Enjoy the Adventure With Them

Adults can venture into Escape Room Family with the kids or watch them on a monitor from the comfort of our lobby. However, if your team has any kids under the age of 13, then at least one adult must join the fun in the room with the team. Adults: these puzzles will challenge even you and the kids would love your help inside the rooms! Above all, prepare to have an awesome adventure. (Every player who goes into the room must have a ticket).