Parties and Events

Parties or events, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or just a fun family get together, is more fun at Escape Room Family. Each escape room can hold up to 10 people and is packed with nonstop action. We have four unique themes for the family to choose from. Those experiences are Pirate, Jungle, Castle, and Robin Hood. Since we have four rooms we can take groups of up to 40 people at one time. If you have a group of individuals that wish to play that is larger than 10 people simply give us a call at 513-873-6300. To book your game click here.




After the excitement of playing one of our escape rooms, keep the party going in one of our private party rooms which are perfect for parties and events! We have 3 party rooms which can hold your entire group of players and spectators. There are two picnic tables within each of our private party rooms. Our rooms will only be accessible to your party members to ensure the safety of all participants of Escape Room Family. Check out our reviews here.



Pizza Party

The kids and adults are sure to be hungry after all the energy expended trying to solve all the puzzles in our escape rooms. At Escape Room Family you can bring in your own food or cake when you rent a party room! (We don’t have a freezer to store ice cream in). While we don’t have food we don’t have any restrictions on what you can bring in (only exception is no adult beverages). We want you to celebrate your event with us here! In conclusion, we are perfect for parties and events! For more frequently asked questions click here.